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April 16, 2020 –

10:09 am CST

Once the quarantine is over, it’ll be time to emerge from our homes and see exactly how society has devolved.

While governments and media are working to give us hope of getting out of the house sometime this summer, they’re also warning of a “second wave of coronavirus” that they expect to approach by fall.

Meanwhile, some of the industries most impacted by mandated lock downs and travel bans include tourism, travel and restaurants. As such, they’re devising radical devices in hopes of attracting some customers during the summer months.

“Plexiglass cages,” which are giant boxes that are intended to surround beach-goers, could be popping up on the beaches of Italy this summer, according to la Repubblica.

The boxes have been conceptualized by Nuova Neon Group Due, a firm located in Modena, Italy. Each box can house two occupants and measures 4.5m x 4.5m x 2m.

Let’s take a look at a rendering of dozens of these plastic boxes on an Italian beach. 

Italian media outlets describe them as “chicken coops.” Lifeguards and hotel owners of popular Italian beach towns have slammed the idea, saying that it’s absolutely absurd. But if they are required by government, will they accept the idea in order to bring in summer revenue?

Claudio Ferrari, the owner of the Nuova Neon Group Due, told la Repubblica that social distancing boxes on the beach could hopefully restart the tourism industry.

Mauro Vanni, president of the Rimini lifeguards cooperative, said the idea of the box in the hot summer heat is a recipe for disaster and will cause people to “die of dehydration.”

Ferrari has also designed transparent boxes made of plexiglass walls that sit on top of a restaurant table. 

Is this the intended “new normal” that media, advertising and governments are so desperately trying to sell us?

If so, it’s time to take our humanity back, or live obediently behind cages for the rest of our lives.

What EXACTLY is the mark of the beast?



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The new normal; a rough two weeks coming


April 2, 2020 –

The video at the conclusion of this article shows us, on a mundane level, the new normal that the beast system has created for us and successfully implemented within the course of only a few weeks.

If you’ve been to a grocery store or Walmart in the past few days, no doubt you can attest first-hand to what the video discusses.

Societal and social norms have, for all intents and purposes, already unraveled; and it will only continue to get worse.

On Tuesday, President Trump announced that it’s going to be a “rough two weeks” in the “battle against coronavirus.”

That’s all the warning we’re going to get from the establishment.

Now we need to be vigilant and not buy into the upcoming propaganda war.

In the next few weeks, expect the establishment media machine to ratchet up their coronavirus propaganda to a new level.

Expect the announcement of hundreds of thousands of deaths from Covid-19 in the US.

It’s very important to remember that you cannot trust the numbers you’re given by the establishment media.

What you’re seeing now, and will continue to see, was all planned in October 2019 during Event 201.

Remember how Italy’s death numbers caused mass-panic a few weeks ago when they began to report hundreds of Covid-19 deaths within only a few days?

What you may not know is that these numbers were grossly inflated. In fact, they were artificially inflated by as much as 88% by including people who died WITH the coronavirus in their systems, not FROM coronavirus.

That’s how easily these numbers are manipulated.


People die every day in this world. Most adults understand that. In fact, almost 60 million people throughout the world die every year.

That’s nearly 165,000 people that die every single day.

As we’ve learned, we all have viruses living in our bodies. The coronavirus testing is easily manipulated to give any result the establishment wants.

This makes it the perfect scapegoat to strike mass fear around the world, make us turn on each other, and lock us down in their fourth generation warfare tactics.

Please keep in mind that sites like this won’t be around much longer. This site has already been heavily censored and shadow banned on all social media sites. Google has all but dropped it off their map in the last two days, even though one week ago it was the number one search result for “mark of the beast” and continues to have thousands of readers every day.

In the very near future, you’ll need to lean on the information you’ve already learned in order to see through the ratcheting-up of propaganda, lies, and establishment agenda-driven misinformation.

In addition, there are also many people out there sounding the alarm that the 60 millimeter waves produced by 5G could cause the same symptoms that coronavirus reportedly causes; including death.

These people say that the establishment has been secretly installing and testing the new 5G systems in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, government buildings and more since we’ve been on house arrest; that they are ready to fire up the systems right now.

They warn that 5G can easily be used as a weapon, and has been used in foreign wars of the past.

If this is true, it’s best to stay away from hospitals as much as you possibly can.

How long do you think humanity will continue to live the way we’re expected to now live before a change needs to be announced; one of a prosperous and peaceful future as promised by Saint Germain centuries ago?

The establishment has perfectly set the table for this transition to their planned New Age; the age of the second beast of Revelation 13 who gives the mark of the beast.

Right now, we’re being set up masterfully by the Luciferian beast system to accept their New Age solution as the only solution to their planned economic crash, health and disease fears, and the mass chaos they’re creating for us.

The problem is, the solution that we’ll be presented with is the mark of the beast.

Their agenda is in plain sight. Stay vigilant, keep in the Word, and pray every chance you get.

Then share this information with anyone that you think can still hear it.


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