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April 11, 2020 –

12:18 am CST



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2 years ago, activist told us exactly what’s coming and why


April 9, 2020 –

This video was recorded by anti-5G activist Joe Imbriano on February 10, 2018. It warns us exactly what was coming; and is now here.

Watch it until the end. The beast system has had this exact plan in place for years. It’s wake up time.


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Worldwide coronavirus response violates Nuremberg Code


April 7, 2020 –

12:21 pm CST

If you’re not familiar with the Nuremberg Code of 1947, it’s by far one of the world’s most influential documents ever created in the history of clinical and medical research.

The Nuremberg Code was crafted over 70 years ago, following many nefarious medical experiments during World War II.

The document established, on an international scale, the ten ethical principles for protecting human subjects from unsafe medical experiments in the future.

Details of the Nuremberg Code

The aim of the Nuremberg Code was to protect all people from enduring the exploitation and cruelty that World War II prisoners were forced to endure in the concentration camps.

The Code’s ten elements are:

  1. Voluntary consent is essential.
  2. The results of any experiment must be for the greater good of society.
  3. Human experiments should be based on previous animal experimentation.
  4. Experiments should be conducted by avoiding physical/mental suffering and injury.
  5. No experiments should be conducted if it is believed to cause death/disability.
  6. The risks should never exceed the benefits.
  7. Adequate facilities should be used to protect subjects.
  8. Experiments should be conducted only by qualified scientists.
  9. Subjects should be able to end their participation at any time.
  10. The scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment when injury, disability, or death is likely to occur.

Nuremberg Code Significance

The Nuremberg Code is one of many documents that laid the foundation and principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

GCP is an attitude of research excellence that provides the standards for conduct, analysis, implementation and study design.

It’s much more than a single document. In fact, it’s a full compilation of a wide array of ideas, thoughts and lessons that have been learned throughout the history of worldwide clinical research.

Since the introduction of the Nuremberg Code, its principles have been expanded upon further in documents such as the Belmont Report, Common Rule and the Declaration of Helsinki.

Although there have been several updated guidance practices to the GCP that help reflect new technologies and trends, such as electronic signatures, the principles remain the same to this day.

The over-arching goal has always been, and should always be, to keep the safety and security of all human subjects protected.

UK Coronavirus Bill (HC Bill 122) destroys the Nuremberg Code

On March 19, 2020, the UK Parliament introduced HC Bill 122, otherwise known as the Coronavirus Bill.

The Bill was fast-tracked and received the Royal Assent (the final stage in the process) on March 25, 2020; thus making it law.

Many details of the new UK law are in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code in a number of highly disturbing ways.

Details of the law reach as such:

  1. Forced detention and isolation can be of anyone, including children, and for any amount of time.
  2. Authorities can FORCEABLY take biological samples from your body. Your body becomes the property of the state.
  3. There’s no clear access to legal rights from as-yet unidentified isolation facilities.
  4. Powers last up to 2 years, with reviews every 6 months.
  5. Lock down powers could prevent protests against measures.
  6. State surveillance safeguards weakened.
  7. Protections from forced detainment and treatment under Mental Health Act drastically lowered.
  8. Cremations can be enforced against personal and religious wishes.
  9. Changes to the court system and death registrations.
  10. No inquests into suspicious deaths. No requirement for any medical certification for burials or cremations.
  11. (The most frightening part) Only one medical “officer” is required to sign off COMPULSORY TREATMENT ORDER which means an individual can be forced to accept medication, or held down and injected with whatever is seen fit. This, in direct violation of Nuremberg Code number one.

As you can clearly see, HC Bill 122 completely disregards 1947’s Nuremberg Code in many significant ways.

Nuremberg Code #3: Human experiments should be based on previous animal experimentation

A key component to the Nuremberg Code is that all human medical experiments must be avoided until they are first tested on animals.

This required step has been disregarded by Bill and Melinda Gates-funded biotechnology company Moderna Therapeutics, the organization in charge of developing the highly controversial new coronavirus vaccine.

Moderna Therapeutics began testing on human subjects in Seattle several weeks ago, without first testing its safety in animal subjects.

Jonathan Kimmelman, director of McGill University’s biomedical ethics unit, wrote in an email, “Outbreaks and national emergencies often create pressure to suspend rights, standards and/or normal rules of ethical conduct. Often our decision to do so seems unwise in retrospect.”

The typical vaccine development process takes between 15 to 20 years, according to Mark Feinberg, CEO and President of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative.

The process requires that all scientists first administer the vaccine to animals in order to determine how effective and safe it is.

It’s only after passing through iterative tests in animals, while being adjusted throughout the testing process, that a final formulation can be tested in human trials.

Will you trust the safety and long-term impact of this new coronavirus vaccine that will no doubt be forced on every living human, even against your will (another violation of the Nuremberg Code)?

The Nuremberg Code is still in effect

Why is the coronavirus vaccine being fast-tracked, while ignoring the key principles of the Nuremberg Code?

Why are governments such as the UK blatantly disregarding the Nuremberg Code for a disease that has been proven to be far less deadly and infectious than so many other diseases?

What’s the real agenda, and why are we being lied to by worldwide governments and the mainstream media?


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ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH: Comparing Covid-19 to 1918’s Spanish Flu (Passover Begins)

News and Current Events

April 5, 2020 –

Very important information to know as we brace for the upcoming week of the Passover, what Trump officials are calling:

“…our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment, only it’s not going to be localized,” said Surgeon General Jerome Adams, the nation’s top doctor. “It’s going to be happening all over the country. And I want America to understand that.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the toll in the coming week isgoing to be shocking to some, but that’s what is going to happen before it turns around, so just buckle down.”

Do you think they are telling us this for no reason?

PLEASE watch and share with everyone you know. We cannot take this lightly.

Please pray this is wrong, but it’s better to be prepared because the government has already warned us about this coming week. May the Blood of the Risen Jesus be upon you.


MIT-trained doctor confirms, you cannot catch a virus


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You cannot catch a virus

Propaganda Watch

April 2, 2020 –




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The new normal; a rough two weeks coming


April 2, 2020 –

The video at the conclusion of this article shows us, on a mundane level, the new normal that the beast system has created for us and successfully implemented within the course of only a few weeks.

If you’ve been to a grocery store or Walmart in the past few days, no doubt you can attest first-hand to what the video discusses.

Societal and social norms have, for all intents and purposes, already unraveled; and it will only continue to get worse.

On Tuesday, President Trump announced that it’s going to be a “rough two weeks” in the “battle against coronavirus.”

That’s all the warning we’re going to get from the establishment.

Now we need to be vigilant and not buy into the upcoming propaganda war.

In the next few weeks, expect the establishment media machine to ratchet up their coronavirus propaganda to a new level.

Expect the announcement of hundreds of thousands of deaths from Covid-19 in the US.

It’s very important to remember that you cannot trust the numbers you’re given by the establishment media.

What you’re seeing now, and will continue to see, was all planned in October 2019 during Event 201.

Remember how Italy’s death numbers caused mass-panic a few weeks ago when they began to report hundreds of Covid-19 deaths within only a few days?

What you may not know is that these numbers were grossly inflated. In fact, they were artificially inflated by as much as 88% by including people who died WITH the coronavirus in their systems, not FROM coronavirus.

That’s how easily these numbers are manipulated.


People die every day in this world. Most adults understand that. In fact, almost 60 million people throughout the world die every year.

That’s nearly 165,000 people that die every single day.

As we’ve learned, we all have viruses living in our bodies. The coronavirus testing is easily manipulated to give any result the establishment wants.

This makes it the perfect scapegoat to strike mass fear around the world, make us turn on each other, and lock us down in their fourth generation warfare tactics.

Please keep in mind that sites like this won’t be around much longer. This site has already been heavily censored and shadow banned on all social media sites. Google has all but dropped it off their map in the last two days, even though one week ago it was the number one search result for “mark of the beast” and continues to have thousands of readers every day.

In the very near future, you’ll need to lean on the information you’ve already learned in order to see through the ratcheting-up of propaganda, lies, and establishment agenda-driven misinformation.

In addition, there are also many people out there sounding the alarm that the 60 millimeter waves produced by 5G could cause the same symptoms that coronavirus reportedly causes; including death.

These people say that the establishment has been secretly installing and testing the new 5G systems in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, government buildings and more since we’ve been on house arrest; that they are ready to fire up the systems right now.

They warn that 5G can easily be used as a weapon, and has been used in foreign wars of the past.

If this is true, it’s best to stay away from hospitals as much as you possibly can.

How long do you think humanity will continue to live the way we’re expected to now live before a change needs to be announced; one of a prosperous and peaceful future as promised by Saint Germain centuries ago?

The establishment has perfectly set the table for this transition to their planned New Age; the age of the second beast of Revelation 13 who gives the mark of the beast.

Right now, we’re being set up masterfully by the Luciferian beast system to accept their New Age solution as the only solution to their planned economic crash, health and disease fears, and the mass chaos they’re creating for us.

The problem is, the solution that we’ll be presented with is the mark of the beast.

Their agenda is in plain sight. Stay vigilant, keep in the Word, and pray every chance you get.

Then share this information with anyone that you think can still hear it.


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Dr. Anthony Fauci; Covid-19 “case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%” – NEJM

News and Current Events

April 1, 2020 –

1:22 pm CST

In an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Anthony Fauci gives his real take on the threat of Covid-19.

How does this compare to the fear mongering you hear from him on the podium every news cycle?

Here is the article in its entirety:

“The latest threat to global health is the ongoing outbreak of the respiratory disease that was recently given the name Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19). Covid-19 was recognized in December 2019.1 It was rapidly shown to be caused by a novel coronavirus that is structurally related to the virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). As in two preceding instances of emergence of coronavirus disease in the past 18 years2 — SARS (2002 and 2003) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) (2012 to the present) — the Covid-19 outbreak has posed critical challenges for the public health, research, and medical communities.

In their Journal article, Li and colleagues3 provide a detailed clinical and epidemiologic description of the first 425 cases reported in the epicenter of the outbreak: the city of Wuhan in Hubei province, China. Although this information is critical in informing the appropriate response to this outbreak, as the authors point out, the study faces the limitation associated with reporting in real time the evolution of an emerging pathogen in its earliest stages. Nonetheless, a degree of clarity is emerging from this report. The median age of the patients was 59 years, with higher morbidity and mortality among the elderly and among those with coexisting conditions (similar to the situation with influenza); 56% of the patients were male. Of note, there were no cases in children younger than 15 years of age. Either children are less likely to become infected, which would have important epidemiologic implications, or their symptoms were so mild that their infection escaped detection, which has implications for the size of the denominator of total community infections.

On the basis of a case definition requiring a diagnosis of pneumonia, the currently reported case fatality rate is approximately 2%.4 In another article in the Journal, Guan et al.5 report mortality of 1.4% among 1099 patients with laboratory-confirmed Covid-19; these patients had a wide spectrum of disease severity. If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.2

The efficiency of transmission for any respiratory virus has important implications for containment and mitigation strategies. The current study indicates an estimated basic reproduction number (R0) of 2.2, which means that, on average, each infected person spreads the infection to an additional two persons. As the authors note, until this number falls below 1.0, it is likely that the outbreak will continue to spread. Recent reports of high titers of virus in the oropharynx early in the course of disease arouse concern about increased infectivity during the period of minimal symptoms.6,7

China, the United States, and several other countries have instituted temporary restrictions on travel with an eye toward slowing the spread of this new disease within China and throughout the rest of the world. The United States has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of travelers from China, especially from Hubei province. At least on a temporary basis, such restrictions may have helped slow the spread of the virus: whereas 78,191 laboratory-confirmed cases had been identified in China as of February 26, 2020, a total of 2918 cases had been confirmed in 37 other countries or territories.4 As of February 26, 2020, there had been 14 cases detected in the United States involving travel to China or close contacts with travelers, 3 cases among U.S. citizens repatriated from China, and 42 cases among U.S. passengers repatriated from a cruise ship where the infection had spread.8 However, given the efficiency of transmission as indicated in the current report, we should be prepared for Covid-19 to gain a foothold throughout the world, including in the United States. Community spread in the United States could require a shift from containment to mitigation strategies such as social distancing in order to reduce transmission. Such strategies could include isolating ill persons (including voluntary isolation at home), school closures, and telecommuting where possible.9

A robust research effort is currently under way to develop a vaccine against Covid-19.10 We anticipate that the first candidates will enter phase 1 trials by early spring. Therapy currently consists of supportive care while a variety of investigational approaches are being explored.11 Among these are the antiviral medication lopinavir–ritonavir, interferon-1β, the RNA polymerase inhibitor remdesivir, chloroquine, and a variety of traditional Chinese medicine products.11 Once available, intravenous hyperimmune globulin from recovered persons and monoclonal antibodies may be attractive candidates to study in early intervention. Critical to moving the field forward, even in the context of an outbreak, is ensuring that investigational products are evaluated in scientifically and ethically sound studies.12

Every outbreak provides an opportunity to gain important information, some of which is associated with a limited window of opportunity. For example, Li et al. report a mean interval of 9.1 to 12.5 days between the onset of illness and hospitalization. This finding of a delay in the progression to serious disease may be telling us something important about the pathogenesis of this new virus and may provide a unique window of opportunity for intervention. Achieving a better understanding of the pathogenesis of this disease will be invaluable in navigating our responses in this uncharted arena. Furthermore, genomic studies could delineate host factors that predispose persons to acquisition of infection and disease progression.

The Covid-19 outbreak is a stark reminder of the ongoing challenge of emerging and reemerging infectious pathogens and the need for constant surveillance, prompt diagnosis, and robust research to understand the basic biology of new organisms and our susceptibilities to them, as well as to develop effective countermeasures.”

What is the mark of the beast?

URGENT April 2, 2020 update: “Rough two weeks coming”

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