Warp Speed Logo Linked to Trump’s Earliest Ancestors (Mirrored from EntertheStars show 1/25/21)

Written by on January 25, 2021

January 25, 2021 – Avoidthemark.com

This is mirrored from EntertheStars live show this morning.

It’s a very important connection to Operation Warp Speed, the big V and what I believe is some sort of sonic attack and deception that’s coming shortly. Think chakras, as this video discusses. Sound awakens chakras. The right sounds. Or the wrong ones.

I believe, however, that YWHW is opening up something else much more powerful in us right now. Please listen to my other videos, how He is showing us how to translate scripture into sound which reveals so much more of His glory. I think it’s awakening something major in us for the age we’ve entered. And we need it to combat the weapon of the enemy that’s already here (sonic) and that’s about to go to the next level.

I hope I’m helping.

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  1. sdietz57yahoocom   On   February 18, 2021 at 8:18 pm

    So are you saying either we have to accept the deep state corruption or the one world order? If Trumps part ( which after listen or reading think you might be right) but doesn’t that leave us with the question above? Though it seems were are meant to go through the one world order to full fill prophecy.

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