What happened to this generation? Gee, I wonder

What happened to this generation? Gee, I wonder
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June 23, 2020 – Avoidthemark.com

I’m 43 years old. My generation of parents was taught, or more accurately said, pressured, into parenting a certain way.

Most parents would like to be considered what others call a “good parent.” For my generation, being a “good parent” in the eyes of society meant several things:

First, it meant that the use of corporal punishment (i.e. spanking) was an absolute no go. In fact, not only were you not allowed to do it, but your children were given power by the system to talk about it with teachers who would have Child Protective Services show up at your home post-haste.

More power was given to the children than any generation in history.

It also meant that you weren’t allowed to make mistakes. In fact, you weren’t even allowed to be accused of making mistakes; especially in a split-custody home.

If any mistakes or perceived mistakes were made, the court system would remove your personal “rights” to parent your own child; especially if you were a father.

Beyond that, we were taught and pressured into believing that as a “good parent,” your child could do no wrong. There were no winners or losers in sports or competition. There was no true right or wrong.

Do as thou wilt, as long as it makes you happy.

We were pressured into constantly “doing things” with our children even if we weren’t in the mood. After all, if you don’t play with your child for two hours a day, they’ll grow up to be serial killers, right?

It simply wasn’t that way when I was a child. Children, for the most part, figured out how to play with each other. Or just be OK with being bored for awhile.

But being a good parent for my generation meant that both parents should also seek “rewarding careers,” while leaving their children to be raised by daycare centers and the public school system.

The problem was, we never really knew the depths of brainwashing that was going on in the public school systems.

And if we did, we were too tired to care or do anything about it.

It’s no excuse, but we were really up against more than we knew during our parenting years.

Then, when we end up with this, we’re somehow surprised?

If you’ve ever watched or read Orwell’s 1984, you can see how the way the children talk to adults in that dystopian tale now perfectly reflects our current reality.

Do we blame ourselves? Do we blame the system? Do we blame both?

Does blame even matter?

I’m not sure.

But to anyone who’s awake, it should be no surprise why we’re now dealing with a spoiled generation who are trying to take over the world and do things “their way.”

At the end of the day, that’s how we were taught, and pressured, into teaching them.

I suppose we allowed the system and peer pressure to get the best of us. And now it’s all come home to roost.


3 thoughts on “What happened to this generation? Gee, I wonder

  1. I’m 40 and was spanked in my Christian school by my principal, with my parents permission of course. I was also spanked at home but not too often. I believe in spanking, because I know how it taught me right from wrong. I agree with you about the system changing that… I know many people with foster children and they do not spank. If you are a spanker, it’s most likely not a topic you talk about among other parents nowadays. It’s so frustrating how slowly the system and the elites agenda creeps in without us realizing it. Just as Hitler said and did. It’s Satan’s plan from the beginning, to twist Gods beautiful creation into his own fake copy. He comes to steal, kill and destroy… But our King is the way , the truth and the life! We must never give up on the Creator for something He creates. Keep looking up and know the Scriptures, pray hard and get close to Him!!

  2. I’m 42, and this article doesn’t seem to apply to my generation, but a younger one. Corporal punishment was very much a thing, in the homes and in schools, misbehave in public, get a smack, and not worry about child services getting called on you. Maybe the south was slow to catch up, but I turned out fine.

  3. I’m 44 and I’m Europe. I had a very good childhood and my parents gave me a slap if I was bad. It done me no harm. I was taught right from wrong and was loved. I see parents now who are utterly clueless and just stick an iPad in front of their kid. And of course the kid is a little angel to them but to me a horrible little shit spoilt rotten. This is all part of the plan. It’s our fault and the systems fault

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