Could the Bill Gates vaccine agenda be a distraction?

Could the Bill Gates vaccine agenda be a distraction?
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June 13, 2020 –

For those of you that don’t already know, today is International #ExposeBillGates day. On the surface, this seems to be a very good thing, as Mr. Gates has clearly been installed as the figurehead of all things “vaccine” for many years; and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic scare was concocted.

Over the course of the last few months, Mr. Gates has received a lot of well-deserved criticism on social media for his vaccine agenda, to the point where he has mostly avoided exposing himself to the public backlash.

This means that a critical mass has definitely woken up to the fact that they will not be taking a mandatory vaccine that comes from the current Gates agenda.

That sounds very positive, doesn’t it?

However, when I saw this morning that #ExposeBillGates was the number one trending subject on Twitter, it set off major alarm bells in my head.

As most of us know, today’s social media platforms only promote ideas and subjects that serve the larger agenda of the elites. So why would Twitter seem to organically promote #ExposeBillGates?

Could Bill Gates be a distraction from the true depths of the COVID-19 vaccine agenda?

Let’s take a look.

The agenda of the elites always remains hidden

The elites who control the world are highly adept at distracting the rest of us with seemingly important details that later end up being irrelevant. They do this in very creative ways, while pushing forward their true agendas under the surface, making us focus on where they want us looking.

Sometimes these distractions are quite obvious to those who are awake (BLM, CHAZ, dancing nurses, empty hospitals, etc.), but often the elites thoroughly outsmart us.

I’m beginning to think that Bill Gates’ vaccine agenda is one of those times where we’ve been outsmarted.

Bill Gates is too easy of a target

Through the years, Gates has made a boatload of public statements and “gaffs” that set him up as the obvious “fall guy” when it comes to a worldwide vaccine that will soon be required for every person alive.

But why would those in power make it so obvious that Bill Gates is the vaccine mastermind and enemy?

In my opinion, Gates’ statements such as, “If we do a really good job with vaccines, we can reduce the population by 10 – 15 percent,” and, “The world isn’t going back to normal until everybody on the planet has been vaccinated,” weren’t made by accident.

These statements make Mr. Gates an all-too-obvious target of hate for those who are awake to the larger agenda of population control (see: Georgia Guidestones) and reduction.

It’s where the elites want us looking and focusing our energy, while they carry out something much more sinister under the surface.

The vaccine will come from a source that the public trusts

While all of the vaccine red flags are currently pointed at Gates, the elites already know that the only way the public will readily accept a mandatory vaccine is if it comes from someone, or something, that they trust.

Bill Gates is not it.

Before we get to the point where a vaccine becomes a part of “the new normal” society that’s being installed for us, something major has to happen that will cause the public to not only accept it, but to embrace it.

This will require a large-scale shift in consciousness through a deep deception that will, if possible, deceive even the very elect in Christ.

The mark of the beast

Many people have asked me if I’ve changed my opinion about the mark of the beast since writing my article in mid-March. They’ve asked if I now believe that the mark of the beast is the coming mandatory COVID-19 biometric vaccine?

My answer remains no.

The coming vaccine will be a symptom of the mark of the beast. But it will not, in and of itself, be the mark of the beast.

The mark of the beast cannot be something that could be forced on you against your will. Our Father doesn’t work that way. Your eternity cannot be sealed by anything that another human can physically force you to do.

It must be a decision that only you can make.


When the new economic system is announced, as detailed in this article, the vast majority of people will praise it and dive into it headfirst. They will choose to become a part of the new earthly riches, prosperity and peace it will promise.

It will truly sound like a Utopia on earth, set up to solve all of the world’s problems that have been manufactured by those in power.

However, the new system will be Satan’s plan for a Utopia. It will be a false light masquerading as the real thing. And the vaccine will be a requirement for becoming a part of it. It will be a symptom of choosing to partake in the mark of the beast system, funded by Saint Germain’s World Trust and NESARA.

When the vaccine comes into play, taking it will become an absolute no-brainer for those who have chosen to become a part of this new system; after all, the new system will sound like heaven on earth, and you won’t be able to buy or sell without being in this new system.

At this time, Bill Gates won’t be on anyone’s radar any longer.

Under today’s system, I truly believe that at least half of the population would refuse a mandatory vaccine from Bill Gates. This would shatter the elite’s plans for totalitarian population control.

Under the new system, the vast majority of the population will accept the vaccine with no questions asked. The promised Utopia will sound too good to possibly say no to.

This is why I believe that the forced vaccine agenda Mr. Gates and others are currently pushing is an absolute distraction from what’s really coming; a new worldwide economic system, a promised Utopia on earth, which will be the mark of the beast system.

Once the new system is announced, a vaccine will be a no-brainer for those who want into it.


10 thoughts on “Could the Bill Gates vaccine agenda be a distraction?

  1. I would also like to add that mandatory doesn’t mean forced. The vaccine will be mandatory but they won’t strap you down and stick u in ur arm. They will kill you or throw u in prison or just let ur starve to death.

    If they hold you down and stick a chip or vaccine in you then it is not the Mark of the Beast.

    1. it cant be forced, free will, you have to want it. I think they will crush their system (at least the bits they want crushed) some more, get people running around like headless chickens because they are now cut off from all the rubbish they have been brainwashed with. Then when they are desperate enough, offer the pre planned solution which will sell your soul forever

  2. Hey, I know you keep saying the Mark of the Beast system. But where is that in the Bible? If you have to take a vaccine/biochip to be apart of this new world economic system doesn’t that mean the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast? I feel like your misleading people.

    Make no mistake taking the vaccine/ biometric chip to get access to the new economy will be the destruction of your soul. Vaccine or no vaccine whatever they call it. It will be the Mark of the Beast. Please tell me the verse where a mark of the Beast system is mentioned in the Bible ?

    1. The mark of the beast is a visible sign, the bible says it clear – it is not only a system.

      Revelation, 14:9

      And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and RECEIVE HIS MARK IN HIS FOREHEAD, OR IN HIS HAND …

  3. Great article!! Yes the mark of the best will be done by own free will… that’s what the Revelation tells us… I too believe that a system will be introduced that will be difficult to say no to… we really new to be awake now and see the agendas of the beasts! God bless you 🙏🏼

    1. The mask has gone on for many lost people, and at the same time the mask is coming off for many people, exposing the truth

    2. No, it will be a tough decision. It is not only the free will. You won’t be able to buy anything!

      1. Yer ok, but if you dont sell your soul, a door will always open for you, there will be a solution. Im experiencing this right now

  4. Well said, totally agree. Most will indeed accept anything to be part of their new world. For many tv is god, they simply can’t say no to it or money. Im now experiencing people not liking me because of me trying to warn them. Free will, they either see it or they don’t, and apart from on here most don’t see it. I give up with people now. I was going to say I should not have ever been in this world, but thinking about it and being honest, I was lost before. So being in this world has taught me a lot of things

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