The racism experiment

The racism experiment
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June 9, 2020 –

While major parts of the current racially-divided chaos happening around the United States have certainly been orchestrated in highly dubious ways, there also seems to be a missing understanding that things needed to happen this way.

The world has been looking for a final, for lack of a better word, “enlightenment” on the subject of race for many hundreds of years.

Certainly there have been, historically, major societal and economic disparities for people of color for a very long time. When we really step back and look at the big picture, this has been an issue impacting the United States for hundreds of years.

But why has the racial narrative persisted for so long; far longer than it ever should have?

What is racism?

For most of us, when we hear the word “racism,” we immediately become defensive and shout out, “I’m not a racist!” But when you break down what racism actually is in its most base form, it simply means that one believes their race deserves higher regard than another race.

It means that they believe their race is better than another race, or that it should subdue other races.

That’s what true racism is about.

Therefore, when we look at it within its most base form, it’s almost childish to believe that racism doesn’t hold at least some part in current American society.

But where does it really come from?

The 0.1% is controlling the 99.9%

Racism begins at the extreme top of the social structure, and all of us have fallen for it from day one.

We continue to fall for it right now.

We’ve fallen for all of the elite’s experiments for time immemorial. We fall for these experiments when we put a mask on our face in order to go to the grocery store; simply because they told us that we should.

The vast majority of people don’t even know why they’re doing this or if it’s even needed.

They do no real research so that they can learn for themselves what the truth is or how it directly impacts their lives.

They just trust what they’re told. They’re completely unaware that wearing masks actually causes major harm to the human system, not allowing oxygen to properly enter the body or carbon dioxide to exit the body.

But they do it because the 0.1% told them to do it; no questions asked. No evidence or proof is needed.

The elites are experimenting on us.

The Tuskegee Experiment is another perfect example of this. It’s one of hundreds.

It was an experiment from the United States Department of Health that was supposed to last for a couple of months. It ended up lasting 40 years and was accepted without enough questions.

How did that experiment turn out for those of us in the 99.9%?

The 0.1% has become brilliant at manipulation

How do the elite so easily cast their spells and instantly have the rest of us become their guinea pigs and lab rats in their social experiments?

Racism, like all of their experiments, is an experiment that profits only the 0.1%. If the rest of us understood how racism works to benefit those who control the world, even those who personally lean toward racist tendencies would immediately bow out.


Because none of us, regardless of our skin color, are profit-sharing in this experiment.

The other day, I watched a video on YouTube featuring what I can only describe as a “redneck white dude.”

His message was about how, “if you all don’t want cops anymore, let me tell you something: I don’t have a taser, pepper spray or clubs. I’ve got a whole bunch of guns and I will kill you if I need to.”

Immediately, it was obvious to me that, even through his probable low educational level on the subject of racism, poor grammar or shoddy communication skills, he is clearly not participating in the racism profit sharing of the 0.1%.

There’s nothing in it for him.

This isn’t a judgment. It’s just obvious.

For this individual to be so wholeheartedly ascribed to the current racially-charged America is ridiculous.

What’s in it for him? He’s getting nothing from it. He’s simply playing his role in the elite’s experiment.

The great racism hoax

There is no greater hoax in this world than when someone can get you to partake in something that will either kill you, or from which you get no benefit.

When I think about the current season of extreme racial division that we’re living in, it’s obvious that now is the time for true enlightenment. This enlightenment doesn’t involve once race bowing to, or submitting to another.

When we, of all races, step back and recognize the social engineering experiment that’s being perpetrated on all of us by the 0.1%, perhaps we can finally wake up and understand that we aren’t enemies among each other.

We are all in this together. Let that be our rebirth of consciousness as it relates to race.



4 thoughts on “The racism experiment

  1. I see your point on a more enlightened approach. However, it’s hard to have a civil discussion with thugs who are trying to kill you. I’ve seen video after video of blacks beating and kicking anyone daring to stand up to the crowd to save a business or just stand aside and watch. The evil working through these people is not able to be rational or negotiable.

    I took a job teaching English at an all-black high school a while ago. The principal was interested in improving the school’s tarnished reputation for sending illiterates to college on full scholarship and embarrassing the district. He wanted new teachers to motivate the students to really learn and be worthy of all that free money, totaling in the millions. He wanted his “scholarship babies” to make him proud.

    Most of them couldn’t read. No phonics ever. Instead of literature, they were reading comic books (graphic novels) to tell them the story of Romeo and Juliet. And guess what? They weren’t interested in learning. They didn’t want to be educated because they didn’t want to “act white.” When I heard that I knew this was more than I could handle. I resigned.

    I knew 25 years ago that there is no hope for a culture that doesn’t value education as a means to move up in society. When education itself is looked down upon what more is there to say?

    I moved on to a rural district. It was an all white district who happened to have a population of 70% who were on welfare. Same reaction. No phonics. Poor reading. They didn’t have any scholarship money, but no interest in education there either. Why bother? Welfare was waiting, they told me.

    I don’t know how to give hope to hopeless people. There is no discussion of God in the public schools.

    Years later, after I began home-schooling, it dawned on me that hope begins with a knowledge of the scriptures. Man flounders in sin until he learns his true spiritual condition and no amount of education can fix him until he understands his fallen condition.

    I learned that hope is found in only Christ and not education. I sincerely believe that the teaching of the Bible would have been the best place to start for both groups. Hope must begin with Jesus first. Education cannot fix a sin-sick soul.

    I have seen a glimpse of the hopelessness in both whites and blacks who consider themselves underprivileged. The only way out of racism is through the scriptures. Deuteronomy 24 says plainly that every man is responsible for his own sins. Until people get that “sin thing” worked out in their own minds they will always blame someone else for their problems and feel justified in their rebellion.

  2. The entire structure is a lie. The “black” people were used, just like everybody else. “white” people were used and brought to America as slaves. The “black” person was merely upgraded to “white” person slavery. They are using us all, its about time we faced that. Racism is still being used today to keep the 1% in power, and it seems even in 2020 people are still falling for it

  3. I walked into a shop today, the person working in the shop said I had to wear a mask, I of course said NO! So he offered to go and get the things I wanted and bring them out. I said thankyou, and then he said next time im not doing this because people are being killed because of this virus. I said, no they are not, that is lie, people are passing because of natural causes and the TV/Government is saying its the crown virus to put fear into people like you. Of course then the typical blind belief of the TV, i said ok, i find another shop, no more business for you, BYE! It really has come down to this, will you allow this lie or wont you?

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