The solution to the coming food crisis

The solution to the coming food crisis
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April 27, 2020 –

Carter G. Woodson once wrote:

“When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his ‘proper place” and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary.”

With that in mind, it’s important to understand that the agenda of the New World Order is to control your thoughts and lead you into making decisions that are detrimental to you as an individual; including a soon-to-come vaccine that will be mandatory in order for you to function in the “new normal” society.

One of the fastest ways to control the way a person thinks is to deprive them of something that’s important to their very survival.

This is why the national food supply chain is currently being dismantled.

No matter how strong your current feelings are about refusing to conform to the agenda of the New World Order, starvation is a powerful way of changing your mind.

But there is a way around their food shortage plans, and it’s quite obvious what you need to do.

Bypass the middle man

Before we get to the point where food in the grocery stores becomes scarce, it’s time to start getting prepared.

As you’ve probably heard, countless farmers are being forced to destroy food or dump inventory because the corporate supply chains can no longer support what they’re producing.

One of the biggest reasons for this, they tell us, is because of the vast restaurant closures across America due to the Covid-19 plandemic.

This makes it imperative that we stop counting on the system’s way of distributing food and start going direct to the sources ourselves.

Before the real panic begins to set in, get on the phone and start talking to local farmers and growers. Due to government restrictions, many (or most, depending, on where you live) of them won’t be able to sell their products in farmer’s markets or other traditional channels as we get into the summer months.

This is all being orchestrated purposefully in order to make people rely on the system to fulfill their food needs.

If you can’t afford to buy or store larger amounts of farmer-direct food, talk to other people in your area about going in together in a cooperative way.

Perhaps you don’t have the space to store the meat from an entire cow, for example. However, you can easily think of three of your friends, family members or neighbors that will soon be in the same situation as you; unable to buy the food they need from the grocery store.

Talk to them about going in together on a quarter-cow each.

Talk to local produce growers and find out what their plans are for the summer. Are they still planting crops in hopes that the market will turn back to normal?

Let them know that you and your neighbors will be there to buy their produce direct in the case where they aren’t able to distribute their food in the ways that they normally do.

Getting back to local

As the New World Order agenda starts setting in, it’s more important now than ever to start thinking locally again. You need to do everything in your power to break free from a system that intends on enslaving you to it.

Their plans can only work if we become lazy or complacent.

Begin the process of ending the destruction of our food by buying directly from the producers that live around you.

Spread the word.

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