Why you’re wearing a mask; the pagan ritual of transformation

Why you’re wearing a mask; the pagan ritual of transformation
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April 22, 2020 – Avoidthemark.com

Julian Huxley once wrote that the basic elements in cultural transmission and transformation are psychological. This is how we change. Since time immemorial, high rituals have been performed to transform reality.

Ritual is a spiritual psycho-drama of consciousness; a deliberate action taken to facilitate change; changes to the whole of the environment people exist in, starting with the mental landscape of the people themselves; “the place where our reality exists is first born in a dream.”

Artist Sharon Devlin once bluntly described the true purpose of ritual as being a:

“… method to alter one’s mind. It’s a sacred drama in which you are the audience as well as the participant. And the purpose of it is to activate parts of the mind that are not activated by everyday activity.”

Ritual facilitates the mechanics of change through specific mechanisms; a rhythm to sync to; to merge and flow with; a magnetic draw, drawing one on the path toward transmutation.

Rituals are vehicles driving home those ideas; the information, the data, the symbols which upon transmission create the language by which new society members communicate after they are initiated.

This new language imparts a new understanding through definitions that the ritual generates.

A ritual initiation introduces and inducts one into “the way”; a new way of life or world view; a program to guide beliefs and actions, enabling the initiate to become a full and true member of the new society.

Note that ritual isn’t always a conscious action. Not everyone partaking in a ritual is made explicitly aware that they are participants. And yet, still, new patterns of thoughts, of significance, are drummed in; conscious or not of the ritual in which the initiate is partaking.

The three stages of an initiation ritual

An initiation ritual typically involves three stages.

Let’s see if any of this sounds familiar to you.

The first stage is isolation for purification.

In this stage, the initiate is separated from the mundane. Did you know that mundane literally means “of the world?”

The initiate is largely removed from the otherwise familiar persons, places and things that they’re used to in order to be “cleared” of them.

An initiate is forced to become detached and insulated, purged and “purified.”

An essential element of this separation from one’s typical environment is the suspension of the normal rules of living that one is used to; the normal way.

Most of the initiate’s senses will become commanded and regulated at this time. In other words, the majority of what the initiate sees, hears, smells, touches and tastes, is deliberately controlled.


In the ritual, these senses may be bombarded, modified, limited or deprived. But, regardless, perceptions and experiences are ultimately overseen by the high priest and priestesses directing the ritual’s performance.

The ritual enables new light to shine through a newly opened window of thoughts.

With nowhere else to go except the places that we’re “allowed,” the insulated, isolated, initiated may be forced to confront his or her own reflection and inner shadows that have been ignored or buried somewhere deep beneath the average day-to-day.

These things suddenly become unavoidable.

Triggers are detonated; another purge.

Just as they involve surrender, initiation rituals also involve sacrifice; both the tangible that can be held in the hand, and the intangible, such as behaviors, must be given up by requirement.

After all, for something to be “given,” something must also be taken; a token of submission, an ounce of blood; a pound of clay to be remolded.

Whether dramatically overt or deceitfully subtle, the ritual reinterprets reality; a new definition of reality is given. Training in the form of new behaviors and knowledge, including myths and codes are introduced.

Things necessary for new members to function properly in the society they’re being inducted into are all imbued during this time.

Repetition is typical, as its use helps hammer home the spell on the initiates.

The wearing of masks for the initiates

The wearing of masks during an initiation ritual is almost always required. Masking has traditionally played an important role in the rituals of these kinds.

Masks hasten the suppression of ego to help facilitate the death of the old identity before the identification with, and the manifestation of, a new identity.


Disguised under a mask and hidden away, the initiate is more easily able to transcend the self; pushed forward toward that invisible line between the physical and spiritual realms.


Trauma is yet another key aspect of this kind of initiation ceremony. It’s used mostly to personalize the fear of death.

Sometimes in the ritual, the act of dying is ceremonially role played; the dark beyond the darkness; the yawning abyss.

Only after death is confronted can the initiated by symbolically resurrected and reborn anew.

While the process that is playing out is quite coordinated and sophisticated in reality, it may be executed in a purposefully confusing manner; so that the goalposts seem to keep moving back and forth, up and down, here now there immediately after.

This renders the initiate unable to find solid mental ground from which to make logical sense of anything.

This disorientation is key in the transformation ritual.

The uncertain timing generates a general anxiety, further removing the initiate from reality while leaving him or her more susceptible to a type of pavlovian conditioning.

This weakens the defenses just as a virus would. Only this has the potential to break down the individual much more completely than a virus.

Whatever the finer details, the previous way of life is shed like an old skin at the end of the ritual; an end that comes before the new beginning.

The change begins.

The transition

This is the second phase; the transition. As the old self symbolically dies and passes away, the initiate descends into a state of liminality; a sort of fever-dream purgatory-nowhere land; the void in the middle.

Thus, the old self dies as the initiate is purified. The initiate is now a white room; a blank canvass washed, primed and desperate for paint; a tabula rasa.

At the same time his old existence and way of life dies, the initiate transcending it is gradually being processed, reprogrammed and incorporated into his new environment; reformed, reconstituted and rebirthed into the new world that awaits at the end of the tunnel.

The integration

At some point in the future, we will see the final phase of the transformation ritual; integration.

Does any of what’s been described in this article sound familiar to you?

The only question that remains is: do you consent?

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34 thoughts on “Why you’re wearing a mask; the pagan ritual of transformation

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  3. What an awesome article and video! What this confirms for me is that the principles used in this lockdown and mask wearing craziness is an ancient principle. Without doubt it is Luciferian in origin and has been disguised and wrapped up by the false narrative of psuedo-science.

  4. The second wave will be their normal unfailing “go to” The children, The children will be the new victims of a mysterious, new strain of covid. They have used it for time immemorial. And it wont fail them now. RFB

      1. Kawasaki disease is a listed side effect of vaccines. It can also present, depending on severity, in a similar way to other childhood infections and other side effects. So they have it lined up ?

  5. I knew there was something up. YAH, tells those who listen. Lololol
    Foolish to some, confirmation to others.

  6. I keep Torah. The fear of The Holy One (Blessed be He) shields me from this. I shall not be moved from my foundation.

    1. He who believes are the chosen ones, I believe that we are born by who I don’t know. I believe things are out there yet to be explained and exposed. We need to open our eyes a see what is truly in front of our eyes. It shows its self day by day. We have to know what we are looking for to see what it truly is. It’s rite in front of us. Open our minds and then and only then will we finally see, Most minds are closed from what is truly in front of us. We are blest to lay our heads and awake the next morning, Start out our days finally awaken to see what is meant to be seen

  7. This is an excellent article if it weren’t written w such a negative tone. Unchecked human behavior has wrecked havoc on our planet. Nature is out of balance and more of the same can be expected (super germs, super storms, super droughts, super diseases) if we don’t stop, rethink, and make HUGE changes in our behavior.

    There is nothing wrong w purifying oneself and mindfully changing choices. We need to re-evaluate our priorities.

    I feel you I don’t want to wear a mask either. I don’t want to be told where I can and can’t go. And we should remain diligent in protecting our rights. But change starts w silencing the personal ego and seeing one’s true place in the big picture. Finding your true power is uncomfortable but essential.?♥️?

      1. Barbara . You obviously haven’t read the bible then lol ?
        What about Matthew 5:22
        But whoever says, [c]‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of [d]hell fire…
        Oops you obviously missed that one in the mist of your unloving comment – better repent you religious hypocrite!!!

    1. Well, you say it’s bullocks cause you don’t understand it. This is how the human mind has been shaped and developed within the indigenous societies since the beginning of time.

      Nor do you understand the sociocultural importance of rites/initiation throughout human history.

      In fact… it is a sad thing that this has been lost in our society. I can assure you we wouldn’t have this much social unrest, violence and confusion, if young boys were made to go through transformative initiation rites, which would bring about the death of their boy ego, and bring out an integrated man with purpose, trustworthy and at service of the collective. A warrior.

      1. That’s a really great point. In our recent culture, especially western culture but many eastern ones as well there’s no initiation ceremonies anymore into adulthood. this is something i’ve been thinking about for quite sometime now, seeing the growing number of adults around my age (30) who are lost… many without purpose. many of us never taught what it means to be a man or a woman. and this makes us especially susceptible to an initiation ceremony like the one we are experiencing now?

      2. Yeah, but what the article refers to is an “initiation rite” that destroys individual sovereignty, free thinking, liberty, freedom of choice and ushers one into worshipping the government, forsaking the Lord.

  8. You should cite Aaron and Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media, since this article is basically a word for word transcription of their latest video. I see you included it at the end, but I think you could have made it a lot more clear.

    1. OMG EXACTLY….. THIS IS STRAIGHT PLAGIARISM!!! THis is straight from Truthstreammedias channel….. Give Proper Credit website that seems to have popped us out of nowhere….

  9. Interesting post. I definitely haven’t worn a mask and haven’t isolated either. But I do know many people who have worn the mask as they fight the system. Kinda seems like an oxymoron, but they have reasoning that made sense even to me.

    MB: keturahskorner.blogspot.com
    PB: thegirlwhodoesntexist.com

  10. Although I can definitely see the concept of what is said here, what about the Drs and Surgeons who wear masks for protection daily? What about other job professions wearing masks as well? How does that relate to this? If someone doesnt want to be exposed to something, shouldnt it be a wise thing to wear a mask?

    1. I am pretty sure wearing masks in surgery is not protection from the patient ……. it’s to protect the patient from your own germs….just like scrubbing their hands. You have it backwards about the surgery and why normal people would wear them in public. You are trying NOT to infect them. If you are “healthy” there is absolutely no reason the wear them as normal germs have been around since the beginning of time.

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