How to legally decline a vaccine without being belligerent

How to legally decline a vaccine without being belligerent
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April 21, 2020 –

2:20 pm CST

As we draw closer to mandatory coronavirus Covid-19 testing and, eventually, a mandatory vaccine that countless people don’t want in their systems, you’re probably wondering what recourse you’ll have when the needles start to come the way of you and your family.

You may have fears of being told that you don’t have a choice. Or worse yet, you may imagine being forcibly vaccinated against your will.

But let’s leave the dark conspiracies aside for a minute and not get too far ahead of ourselves with these fears.

It’s important to be educated about a few very specific ways that you can decline ANY vaccine without being belligerent or sounding like a troublemaker to healthcare workers.

Ask about MRC-5 and WI-38 (aborted fetal cells)

Were you aware that every vaccine in production contains aborted fetal cells?

The most commonly used in vaccines are clinically referred to as MRC-5 and WI-38.

All vaccines consist of dead or attenuated live viruses that are introduced into the patient’s body. These live viruses come from aborted babies.

Other cells derived from surgically-aborted fetuses are: WI-1, WI-3, WI-11, WI-16, WI-18, WI-19, WI-23, WI-24, WI-25, WI-26, WI-27, WI-44, MRC-9, IMR-90, and R-17 (obtained from lung); WI-2, WI-12 and WI-20, (skin and muscle); WI-5 (muscle); WI-8 and WI-14, and WS1 (skin); WI-4, WI-9, WI-10, WI-13 and WI-15 (kidney); WI-6, WI-21 and WI-22 (heart); WI-7 (thymus and thyroids), WI-17 (liver); FHs74Int (small intestine); and PER.C6.

To prepare the vaccines, the viruses must be cultured in cells in the laboratory. The ethical difficulty appears when these cells come from surgically-aborted human fetuses.

Similarly, the viruses themselves can be obtained from aborted fetuses that have been infected with a particular virus.

When a healthcare professional approaches you about a “mandatory” vaccine, simply ask them if it contains MRC-5, WI-38, or any other aborted fetal cells. Their answer, 100% of the time, will be “yes.”

This gives you full rights to politely and legally decline without argument.

Iatrogenic reactions

Iatrogenic disease or reactions are the results of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures undertaken on a patient when a multitude of drugs prescribed cause adverse drug reactions, or are likely to occur.

All vaccines contain a wide array of compounds and drugs that can cause an iatrogenic reaction in a patient.

When a healthcare worker approaches you and asks you to roll up your sleeve for a vaccine, ask them specifically if there is a potential for an iatrogenic reaction.

Inveriably, their answer will be yes.

This is your immediate “get out of vaccine jail free” card. Thank the healthcare worker for their offer, and politely dismiss them.

Remember, they are sworn to the Hippocratic Oath of doing no harm. They must abide by this oath.

Ask if the vaccine has been tested on animals (hint, the coming Covid-19 vaccine wasn’t)

If you’re not aware, the Covid-19 vaccination went straight to human trials without first being tested on animals.

This is in direct violation of part three of the 1947 Nuremberg Code, which states that any experimental medical test or treatment:

“… should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study, that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.”

The Nuremberg Code is one of many documents that laid the foundation and principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

GCP is an attitude of research excellence that provides the standards for conduct, analysis, implementation and study design.

It’s much more than a single document. In fact, it’s a full compilation of a wide array of ideas, thoughts and lessons that have been learned throughout the history of worldwide clinical research.

Since the introduction of the Nuremberg Code, its principles have been expanded upon further in documents such as the Belmont ReportCommon Rule and the Declaration of Helsinki.

When approached with the experimental Covid-19 vaccine, simply inquire about what animal testing was performed in accordance with the Nuremberg Code.

When they rightfully tell you that no animal testing was done, you have yet another get out of jail free card.

There’s no such thing as a mandatory vaccine

As you can now see, it’s impossible for doctors, healthcare professionals, Bill Gates or any other influencer to say that a vaccine is mandatory.

Hopefully, this helps calm some of your fears regarding the rhetoric you’re hearing on mainstream news.

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16 thoughts on “How to legally decline a vaccine without being belligerent

  1. Funny.. in the past I have contemplated what it might be like to die for Jesus, never though it might be for rejecting a vaccine. ;o)
    I say this half jokingly, but I’m rather serious. Yes I will do my best to stay alive and share the truth, but the future is looking more and more grim and I’m really not sure it can be stopped short of divine intervention.
    Regardless, I am prepared to die. Death can not separated us from the love of God and this is something the cabal and its evil doers will never experience.
    The judgement is God’s alone. He will put things right.

  2. I was just told by Facebook that this is false information about the vaccines after i shared it, they flagged it, but I expected it, they also attached their so called fact findings as well.

    1. Shocking. We’ve come to the point where if Facebook “fact-checkers” flag something as false, it’s one of the few things on Facebook worth reading.

      Thanks for sharing truth.

  3. What if the vaccine isn’t forced but instead optional but without it you wouldn’t be able to work or travel??

  4. This is reassuring yet the thought occurs to me “ what if they lie and say there are no aborted fetal cells, etc” ? If they are going to use this “mandatory vaccine” along with a chip to track people it will all be under the “spirit of the anti-Christ” and what scruples would be left? I doubt there would be any at that point.
    Please let’s remember how that spirit was able to influence countless men and women to join the Nazi party and literally hail Hitler in many European countries, not just Germany! We know they had lost their minds, but if truth be told, they were all “overtaken” by the spirit of anti-Christ. This will be what happens if this stuff of mandatory tests, mandatory vaccines and mandatory “chips” reveals we can’t participate in society …then we will know we are living the prophecies of Revelation and must be prepared for ANY response on the part of those administering these vaccines and chips.

    1. I thought of them lying too. What I would do and plan to do is initially not mention the aborted fetal cells, but instead ask if it contains the clinically referred to letters and numbers listed in this article. I’m actually putting this entire article in my notes on my phone so I will have it with me. And if they cannot answer about the clinically referred to information then I will ask them to please provide me with the information, in writing of what is in the vaccine and I will probably ask them to verify it’s validity by signing it.

      1. Dig deeper, they are already use to these replies and as we now know the reason they claimed ALL deaths were COVID 19 is the payback they got, it was much higher than other causes of death. If you read how Dr Fauci and gang push new parents into getting the tiny infants and then babies and toddlers vaccinated, it starts off sweet and slowly moves to you having to sign a document and sitting in another part of the clinic because you refused and could be contagious. It is vital, now more than ever, they keep moving forward with the agenda. This should be more important to us than it is.

  5. You need to contact President Trump so this information can be told to him and the public. There is a lot that they are not telling the President. Are there any real men left who will stand up? Or are you all too worried about how good your site looks!

  6. This seems to be an important interview to me:

    Carl Sanders was an engineer on the world’s first implantable microchip, and in the process of working on this incredible end times device, Carl got saved and spent the rest of his life warning people about what was coming. What you will hear in this video clip is taken from a cassette tape that was sent around churches back in the 1990’s.

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