MUST WATCH: The truth about viruses, exosomes and germs; Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD


March 31, 2020 –

In this video, Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD explains in detail what a virus is; excretions of a poisoned internal cell. They aren’t external contagions floating around in the world looking to attach to you and make you sick.

They also don’t look anything like the fake CGI images that the mainstream has sprayed all over the internet to scare you.

Fake CGI “virus”

If viruses were removed from your body, you would die. As such, coronavirus testing will generate countless false positives, generating more fear among people.

By choosing how many cycles they run in a Covid-19 test (35 cycles will test negative in everybody; 60 cycles will test positive in everybody), officials can decide how many people test positive for coronavirus.

The truth is, the test is not unique to finding one specific virus and can be manipulated for any desired result. And remember, a virus is only an excretion of your internal cells.

Don’t get tested. Your government disease experts aren’t telling you the truth.

There is no pandemic.

Meanwhile, one million troops are being deployed on US soil under the guise of “fighting a virus,” while all citizens are ordered on house arrest.

The real plan is to carry out an agenda that’s been in the works for all of human history.

Watch this entire video for yourself to understand how you’re being lied to by CDC disease experts, your government and the media about the coronavirus pandemic.

Their agenda is transparent.

The truth matters.

URGENT April 2, 2020 update: “Rough two weeks coming”

What is the mark of the beast?

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