#RefuseTheTest; the only weapon we have in our arsenal

#RefuseTheTest; the only weapon we have in our arsenal
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March 31, 2020 – Avoidthemark.com

Mandatory coronavirus Covid-19 tests are coming worldwide. In the US, they’ll soon be using military troops and National Guard to come to your door and force you to take the test.

What else do you think the one million troops being deployed on US soil are going to be used for?

Individuals who return a positive results will be taken from their homes and removed from society. These are their words, not mine.

Once this process is complete, the real establishment agenda will begin.

This is not to be taken lightly anymore, and we need to get serious RIGHT NOW before it’s too late. There’s still a chance we can stop their worldwide takeover agenda with sheer numbers.

As we’ve already covered, these tests can be easily manipulated to return whatever result they want us to have. THE TEST CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

The only way to stop the complete overthrow and takeover of our individual freedoms is if enough people absolutely refuse to take the test, no matter what the consequences are.

The establishment has already planned for a certain percentage of people (like me) who will not be taking the test. They have a place for us, and they’re called FEMA camps.

This moment has been planned for years.

Remember how the media worked so hard to “debunk” the FEMA camp “conspiracy theory” when people started to discover them several years ago?

If the mainstream puts a consorted effort into “debunking” a “conspiracy theory,” you can count on the fact that the theory holds water.

Wait a few more days and the debunking will begin on the information I’ve already presented you. We’ve made enough noise to warrant it.

Anyway, there are only a limited number of places they have planned for those of us who see through their agenda and refuse their rigged coronavirus test.

Are they already accounting for one million rogue individuals? Five million? I’m not sure. But if 10 million or more people refuse to take their fake test, their entire plan may crumble.

From a Biblical prophecy and end times perspective, it’s important right now to remember the “hurricane spaghetti model” theory we discussed in another article.

For prophecies to be fulfilled, certain paths need to merge into one at certain times. In prophecy, these alignments are based upon the decisions we as a people make, that are presented to us by the principalities of the powers of the air and executed by the wicked people who hold positions of high power.

The decisions are being presented to us right now. So far, we’ve made the choices that the establishment wants us to make; we sit under house arrest while losing our jobs and businesses because they’ve tricked us into thinking there’s a pandemic.

There’s no pandemic. It’s a lie.

But, if we so choose, we can still change the course of events by refusing their test and standing up for ourselves as a people.

The future in front of us is based on the decisions we make right now. If we continue to roll over and buy into the lies that we’re told by the media and establishment, their agenda will move forward and the final prophecies in Revelation 13 will probably be fulfilled.

That will be an extremely bumpy ride.

If we stop their agenda with the only weapon we as a people have left; refusing the coronavirus test in mass; their plan may be shut down.

For those who still think this is all going to blow over if we all obey and do as we’re told, remember, the establishment has already told us that we’re not going back to normal.

The more we obey their lies and demands, the worse it will continue to get for us. They will keep pressing harder and harder, taking away all semblance of personal liberty and freedom, until we’re in a world that’s even more unrecognizable than it already is.

Remember what Ronald Reagan said:

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

Refuse the test and accept the temporary consequences. It’s the only weapon you have in the war they’ve declared on us.


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0 thoughts on “#RefuseTheTest; the only weapon we have in our arsenal

  1. maybe the prophecies of that book are included in the predictive programming of elites? i am reminded of a little truth a strange (but benevolent ) man shared with me once in a chatroom ; ” amongst the enlightened. ; commoners are sometimes referred to as “leaves” ( for the wind blows us hither & dither….and the mighty can not be too concerned with us being trampled now and then )..

  2. You have been deemed BIBLICALLY UNSOUND! You are falsely leading people into deception and lies. I think you are adhering to doctrines of demons. If anyone else is reading this, stop listening to this guy. He is slightly confused about a few things.

    I pray, whoever you are, that you seek truth from God and His word and weigh it against what you are teaching. Please stop misdirecting the sheep of Jesus!

    1. You haven’t paid attention to anything on this blog if you honestly believe what you said. You’re very brainwashed or a complete troll. The bride of Christ does not bow down and obey false demonic overlords. You are very misdirected.

    2. David, You sound exactly like a Pharisee. I stand behind every Biblical Truth I’ve shared across this entire site. Just because it goes against your programming doesn’t deem it “BIBLICALLY UNSOUND.” The Church is being misdirected by false prophets and Luciferian leaders and has bought into the lies. It’s wake up time.

    3. How does this tie into the mark of the beast you referred to in the beginning ? Why would they take us away to FEMA camps if they are aupposed ro be rolling out this new financial system?

      1. In an attempt to clear all resistance of the movement. The establishment says we are in war time. The war is not against a virus.

        We’ll still be forced to make a decision to take the mark. My gut tells me we can make the decision for the mark and eventually be released back into the new world they create for us.

        I obviously don’t know exactly how it’s going to play out, but, long story short, no good will come of taking a test that is rigged to give whatever result they want it to have. I can’t possibly be the only one that can see how that will work. https://avoidthemark.com/2020/03/31/truth-viruses-exosomes-germ-thomas-cowan/

    4. He does sound exactly like a Pharisee. I suspect he hasn’t read much that’s on here and isn’t seeing the whole picture.

  3. How would one “refuse the test”? A simple no? Fight back? Hide? Protest? Not being sarcastic, truly thinking about what that would look like. Would they try to force test people who are not showing any symptoms? Would the National Guard just turn on their own people like that? This is very concerning.

    1. Good question. I think it will be as simple as saying no, and if you say no they will take you away from your current home quarantine to a government group quarantine (makes a lot of sense, right? Take you away from being away from everybody to put you with a bunch of other people. But that’s what it’s going to look like.)

      According to the World Health Organization, they need to test EVERYBODY in their homes, symptoms or no symptoms, to “slow the spread.” So, sending National Guard and Reserves door to door, yeah, that would be a spread in and of itself, yes? If the whole thing was actually real? See how easy it is to see through their obvious lies and fakery?

      And yes, the National Guard and Reserves will turn in people because they’ve been brainwashed to think that they’re doing it for the good of people; not knowing that the entire “pandemic” is a hoax. https://avoidthemark.com/2020/03/31/truth-viruses-exosomes-germ-thomas-cowan/

  4. What a ridiculous and paranoid conspiracy theory. Its beats anything I have ever heard. You asked: “What else do you think the one million troops being deployed on US soil are going to be used for?” The answer is: there are thousands of indictments of globalist criminals who have been involved in raping this world for a few hundred years, and they are involved in human trafficking, drugs, terrorism, theft, genocide, murder, child sacrifice etc. These troops are coming for them, to arrest and kill them, they are not for the average working Americans. There are underground bases full of aliens grays and draconian reptoid creatures and black-hat military cabal housing and using human slaves, that are being invaded, bombed. Thousands of children have been rescued. You are spreading lies and nonsense. You should be ashamed.

    1. You haven’t done your research and still believe in the false prophet of Q. Sorry, but you lost me at aliens grays and reptoid creatures lol Enjoy your test.

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